Adding new remote non standard svn branch

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Adding new remote non standard svn branch

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I'm trying to add a new remote branch which is in a non standard format and having problems doing so.

I thought maybe just modifying svnkit config file would do it and fetching would do but I'm not getting any results.

Repository Layout is

prerelease/ <-- this branch is new

And here is my configuration file:

[svn-git-remote "svn"]
        url = http://mysvn:8080/svn/Repo
        fetch = trunk:refs/remotes/svn/master
        branches = branches/*:refs/remotes/svn/branches/*
        additional-branches = release:refs/remotes/svn/release ;prerelease:refs/remotes/svn/prerelease
        processExternals = true
        processIgnores = true
        processEols = false
        processTags = true
        processOtherProperties = true
        gitSvnAttributesThreshold = 32

Anyone have any guesses as to what I am doing wrong?