AntiVir identifies virus in "elevate.exe"

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AntiVir identifies virus in "elevate.exe"

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Since today I get warnings from AntiVir that Smartgit component "elevate.exe" contains the virus "PUA/LoadMoney.Gen".

Is this just a false positive or a real threat?

Produktversion 24.03.2015
Suchengine 15.04.2015
Virendefinitionsdatei 16.04.2015
Control Center 07.04.2015
Config Center 07.04.2015
Luke Filewalker 07.04.2015
Echtzeit-Scanner 07.04.2015
Filter 10.03.2015
Browser-Schutz 07.04.2015
Planer 07.04.2015
Updater 07.04.2015
Rootkits Schutz 10.03.2015
Local Decider 07.04.2015