Switching SVN server.

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Switching SVN server.

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I am in the process of evaluating smartgit for migrating a (very) large
svn repo. To speed things up, I copied over the repo to a ramdrive on my
local machine, ran a local svnserve process over it, and did the migration.

Now of course that works fine, although I was a bit disappointed that
smartgit does not accept the file:/// specs as valid svn url, but it
still speeds things up a lot. The git repo is also on the ramdrive
during migration.

Now of course, there are 2 problems with that:

  * first is that, of course, while I'm doing this, the svn repo still
    evolves. So, I have to sync the ramdrive periodically to get the
    latest revisions.
  * second is that the the git-svn-id: is also pointing to the the local
    svn repo.

I can probably live with the latter for the moment, and just process the
repo with a filter to rewrite the history as a final migration stage.
But what I would like to do now is to rebranch the git repo onto the
real svn repo to get the latest revisions with a simple cron job,
instead of mirroring the svn repo again and again. While there are
procedures described for svn-git, there are none for smartgit. Any way
to do that?

Thanks in advance,